Guys, hey guys. Guys. I need new bands to listen to. I’m untutored in the ways of jrock. I have heard of a lot bands but I only to a few. Send me the names of your favorite bands and songs. K, thanks!!!! :)


I wonder if someone could help me find a Kamijo poster for mom

She heard him sing and said he sounded sexy. I want to put it on her wall as a surprise and scare the hell out of her lol


Best pick up line:

  • Boy: I have Alive concert tickets.
  • Boy: I have GazettE concert tickets
  • Boy: I have Versailles concert tickets
  • Boy: I have band merch of all your favorite bands and I want to give it all you
  • Me: ...so when is our wedding date?

I really want to make a black jrock fans blog

Who would follow me? Who would be willing to help me get it up and running?


OMG! Yes I am having a moment.There are really no black jrock/visual fans! Anywhere! I checked here, facebook, twitter, google…ok I found one on youtube

I’m gonna die out here. 


I love my best friend

Me: Here’s a pic of the new band I’m listening to *Shows pic*

Best friend: Oh. They’re ok looking. You probably like the drummer

Me: O.O How did you know I would like that him? How did you know they were even BOYS?

Best friend: Hanging around you and your love of jrock, I can tell the boys from the girls now

Me: [I’m not going to lie guys but I cried a little. She didn’t see but I think she knows]



Love this song!


I just realized why I like GD’s weave

Visual kei fan lol :)


The Black Mana

  • Me: Hey guess what our horoscope says today.
  • Friend: What?
  • Me: Aquarians tend to be magnetic, charismatic and strongly androgynous. True, true
  • Friend: What you trying to say Key? That I'm a man? Do I look androgynous?
  • Me: No no, of course not!
  • Me: ...I'm just saying if your jawline was a little stronger, you'd look like the black Mana
  • Friend: -_- So you got jokes?
  • Me: Yep. :P