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One of my biggest pet peeves is when I ask someone to help me, they look at my paper and mark it up then hand it back to me and tell me to figure it out

….WHAT….DID…YOU…JUST….SAY…? If knew how to do it, I WOULDN’T ASK YOU TO HELP ME!!!! I CLEARLY sat there for a while and tried to “figure out” earlier. I didn’t it then so what makes you think I will get it now. Thanks a freaking a lot and don’t to talk to me right now before I snap

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Usually I hate to shop. No, seriously I HATE TO SHOP! I usually don’t have money so I’m just watching my friends shop all happily and stuff with their own disposal income and hard-earned…earnings, and I’m all over here coveting and stuff. And when I do have money, the store doesn’t have what I like in my size -_-

So by the end of night after being dragged to countless stores and sitting through the torture of not being able to buy anything, I’m like this

But not today. My mama took me shopping, AND IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!I brought all the clothes I wanted. IN MY SIZE!

And you want to know why? Because I lost weight twitches! Yes, I lost weight! Most people who just met don’t know the amount of weight I lost in the past year or so. I estimate that I have lost about 50-40 pounds. You jelly?

AH YEAH! It seems the weight loss is continuing, slowly but surely. Guess what???? I CAN WEAR A SIZE 14! Do you know the last time I was in a 14? Middle school! This is a most glorious occasion and I also went down a size in tops. I was hoping I went down more than one size but my…assets won’t me lol XD

I’m so happy right! I got shoes too, not a lot, but who cares. Oh yeah, I don’t know how but down like a size in shoes too.

Shopping tomorrow with the bestie and I hope I get a pair of flatsm some boots, and a couple more pairs of jeans.

I’m finally getting what I want, I want to get a job to continue my transformation but it’s hard to find a job while in school and with no transportation :(. Next in my agenda is to work on learning how to accessorize, skincare, how to apply makeup, and how to walk in heels lol XD

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At my school, international students, most of the time Japanese international students, arrive every spring or so, and meet and greets are usually given to them. The meet and greets are usually ok but sometimes really awkward especially when Captain Awkward, a.k.a. me, is there. We, the international students and I, kept staring at each other. We don’t know what to say and this could have gone on for a while. My teacher was like just talk to them. ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY TALK TO CUTE JAPANESE BOYS!!! Finally, one of Japanese boys took the plunge and introduced himself. Now to the good stuff.

He introduced us to his friends/classmates. And guuuuurrrrllll, let me tell you! Some of those boys where fine!!!!! OMO! Especially this one boy, I will call him Ahjussi. ERMAHGERD! HE IS SOOOO CUTE! He is taller than me but not too tall. He has black hair, a chiseled jaw, bedroom eyes, and a voice TO DIE FOR (TOP and Masahi material)! It was deep and sexy. On the outside I was calm but on the inside I was spazzing so hard. And it’s so cute how he is not confident in his English. My friends and I had to keep repeating ourselves. For him, I would repeat myself for infinite amount of times if he just asked me with that voice. I had to restrain myself from asking him to bear my blasian babies. GAH! 

Moving on from the possible marriage proposal to Ahjussi. It was still awkward turtle for me but I got through it and opened up some. We had dinner with them but after that we went our separate ways. They all stay in my dorm, AH YEAH! LET THE STALKING COMMENCE! Hopefully I’ll see my future on campus, and if he seems lost, I’ll do whatever I can to help ;)

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Which one should I watch?

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  • 1: I'm so stressed
  • 2: ...
  • 1: ..
  • 2: ...what you want me to do?
  • 1: I need the D
  • 2: O.O what...did..you...just..say????
  • 1: I need to de-stress
  • 2: ...
  • 1: ...
  • 2: ...>.> That's not what you just said!!!!!!!!

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