Brit when I show her a new kpop/jrock group

The groups:

Brit’s reaction



who the fuck is bagface?

Dang he sexy. Who is this?


who the fuck is bagface?

Dang he sexy. Who is this?

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Girugamesh add to my list bands I like ;)


Guys, hey guys. Guys. I need new bands to listen to. I’m untutored in the ways of jrock. I have heard of a lot bands but I only to a few. Send me the names of your favorite bands and songs. K, thanks!!!! :)


I wonder if someone could help me find a Kamijo poster for mom

She heard him sing and said he sounded sexy. I want to put it on her wall as a surprise and scare the hell out of her lol


Best pick up line:

  • Boy: I have Alive concert tickets.
  • Boy: I have GazettE concert tickets
  • Boy: I have Versailles concert tickets
  • Boy: I have band merch of all your favorite bands and I want to give it all you
  • Me: ...so when is our wedding date?

That awkward moment when someone blogs a hot jrock guy and you’re like “Well hello. Where did you come from? Someone please tell me” and you spend like an hour bugging your followers to tell you who he is

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I found another black jrock fan!

I feel like Micheal Jackson, in my room singing “You are not alone. I am here with you”


I really want to make a black jrock fans blog

Who would follow me? Who would be willing to help me get it up and running?


Being an overseas Jrock fan is hard.





You can’t always go to their lives

You have no one to fangirl your bias with

You have no easy way to buy CDs/DVDs/merchandise. And you have to pay a lot for shipping.

This right here is the story of my life lmfao

But true love always prevails~

The CDs are like $35/40 on amazon/ebay…and I don’t have a job

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